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About the Area

Boquete has a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s premiere retirement destinations. But what makes Boquete so special and why do people from around the world (and Panama) call this incredible place home?


Often called “the land of eternal spring”, the weather in Boquete is mild and temperate all year round. Even though Panama is a hot, humid, tropical country, Boquete’s climate is cooler and fresher than the coastal areas. Nestled in the foothills of Volcan Baru (Panama’s highest mountain), Boquete’s elevation results in lower temperatures and cooler breezes. Being surrounded by lush tropical forests and clear mountain streams, the beautiful natural environment helps keep the air clean and fresh.

Things to do

There’s never a shortage of things to do in the Boquete area. There are two golf courses nearby, a variety of hiking trails, world class bird watching, horseback riding, and a host of other outdoor adventure activities. Two spectacular beaches are a short hour’s drive from Boquete and the nearby Gulf of Chiriqui offers some of the best sport fishing, diving and snorkeling in the country. Boquete boasts a thriving community theater group and a community playhouse for those interested in plying their acting or musical talents. There are many volunteer organizations ranging from animal rescue to groups giving their time, money and energy to help the local community. Today, there are over 40 different restaurants in the area offering a wide range of dining experiences.

Convenient Shopping and Healthcare

A new 4-line highway connects Boquete with David, the capital of the Chiriqui province, cutting driving time to around 30-minutes. David is the center of economic activity in the region and has several modern shopping centers. With four major supermarket chains, three large hardware and home centers, auto repairs shops, furniture outlets, clothing shops and department stores, David has nearly everything you need to make your life in Panama as convenient as possible. There are two private hospitals in David along with a staff of medical professionals specializing in all areas of medicine. There are also modern dentistry clinics and several eye care centers. Copa Airlines, Latin America’s most successful aviation company, now offers daily flights from the airport in David to Panama City and connects to cities around the world through its hub at Tocumen International Airport in Panama’s Capital City.